Our office of engineering finds a solution for your plans. We realize your wishes to:


-          reconstuctions, extends and re-developments in structional engineering

-          planning multiple generation dwelling houses

-          planning greens using your flatroof

-          supervising structural engineering and steel construction projects

-          thermal and physical calculations

-          consulting for energy saving possibilities


Our office is spezialised in supervising and controlling:


-          high value projects

-          planning and supervising heating systems and air condition

-          planning and supervising safety device, supply network systems and  fire preventing

-          you exterior garden area layout

-          internal designing


Dipl. - Ing. Klaus Ehlert

(consulting engineer of “Baukammer” of  Berlin, P 2305)

in charge for supervising engineerings, structural engineerings, steel constructions and rail plannings (course in Betra 4.2) as well as controlling your individual fire prevention plan.


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